2.9 Wittunga STEM PBL Critique with Aaron Harrison (DEW)

Today was an exciting stage in the Engineering Design Process, the critique clog. Students in 2.9 presented their ideas and learning to a panel for feedback. Aaron Harrison, Christie Evans and Ian Filer critiqued their preliminary solutions asking questions and giving suggestions for improvement. The student demonstrated a deep understanding of Wittunga, Indigenous plants and the needs of living things and incorporated this knowledge into their presentations. The students’ solutions to incorporating digital enhancements to Wittunga Botanic Gardens included Websites, Podcasts, Apps, QR codes, Videos, Brail, Auslan, Digital maps and interactive displays. Needless to say Aaron was very impressed and eager to see the final solutions next term. Congratulations to Lisa and the students for their very creative and innovative solutions and bravery in serving them up for critique.

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