Welcome to ConnectEd@ Brightonpsour new school blog. 


On ConnectEd @Brightonps , you’ll hear directly from school leaders, staff, students and our parent community on current topics. There will be a weekly post from Leadership and regular sharing including classroom activities, school programs and other events. ConnectEd @ Brightonps replaces our fortnightly newsletter and is now the ‘go-to’ place for all current information about what is happening in our school community. 


We are always looking to improve the way we communicate to families and friends. Through the use of social media, communication can flow both ways – giving our wider community opportunities to interact with and share in the learning that is happening at Brighton Primary School.  

We are now using four digital platforms to keep our community informed: our blog, ConnectEd @ Brightonps is for up-to-date news and information about current events and information relevant to our community; our Facebook page,BrightonPrimary School https://www.facebook.com/brightonprimarysa, is used mainly to share the fun and delightful events that we engage in; our web page, https://brightonps.sa.edu.au/ continues to be the formal face of the school, containing static information about the school community such as our programs and policies and information about the CDE and OSHC, which will be reviewed annually; and finally, all our classes use the Seesaw app to communicate class-specific information directly to families. 

Please subscribe to ConnectEd @ Brightonps by clicking the Subscribe button in the top menu or filling out the form on the sidebar*. A ConnectEd @ Brightonps Once Daily Digest email will be sent to all subscribers containing a summary of posts within 24 hours of them being added to the blog, and also contains links to the full articles. The site also allows you to search for older content, as blog posts are conveniently tagged in categories which are listed on the sidebar. It is also possible to search for any words using the search box also located on the sidebar*. 

*Please note the sidebar will be on the right of the screen when on a computer, but may be located at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device. 

We encourage all families and friends to respond and leave comments where relevant, as well as sharing our good news throughout the connected world we live in.  Please see our Guidelines page for more on this. 

ConnectEd @ Brightonps  will always be on an ongoing work in progress and with this we encourage feedback on ways you think we can improve. 


Thank you for visiting 🙂

Ian Filer