Our blog page has been developed to enable us to communicate current information with our school community and the wider community. These guidelines have been developed in line with the Social Media Guidelines from the Department for Education, and aim to keep our children safe while still enabling us to keep our community informed. 

Posting and Commenting 

All members of staff are encouraged to post on our blog, and community posts which are relevant to our school community are also welcome. We do not advertise on behalf of commercial businesses. 

If you have relevant information you would like to share on our blog, please use the Submission Enquiry form (currently under development). 

All comments are welcome, including negative comments which are constructive and friendly in nature. Comments are moderated by staff during business hours to ensure they are suitable for our broad audience. Profanity, defamatory, racist or religiously biased comments will not be accepted. 

Names and Photos 

In line with Department for Education policy, only first names are used in blocks of text, and we avoid directly associating names with photos. All photos posted of children are chosen to show children engaged in learning and activities.

Sharing on Social Media 

You are welcome to share our posts on other forms of social media, however we do ask that you respect the safety of our children and other people’s privacy by only using first names to identify people. 

Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any comments or concerns about posts on our blog.  You are welcome to telephone the school on (08) 8296 3614 or email us at