Online Learning

Online Learning at Brighton Primary School is happening in many ways.

The Department for Education has also developed online resources available for families at

The most widely used of these platforms are SeeSaw, Microsoft Office 365/Teams and Cisco Web Ex.  Below is some helpful guides in the use of these platforms.


How do I use SeeSaw Activities

Student Sign In (How to video)

Student Post to Journal (How to video)

Adding other content to SeeSaw

Creative Tools Guide

SeeSaw Printable Bookmark 1

SeeSaw Printable Bookmark 2

Microsoft Office 365

Brighton Primary School – Office 365 Information for Families

Teams for Education – Quick Guide


Installing WebEx

WebEx Quick Start for Students

Recorded Videos

Both Pre-Recorded videos and recorded Teams or WebEx Classes will be made available at the earliest possible time after the fact.  All videos will be provided as a hyperlink within a Seesaw Message, Teams Message or Email.  Teams recordings will be hosted in the Microsoft Office 365 environment, WebEx recordings in the Cisco WebEx environment and pre-recorded content on YouTube.  Please be respectful of any video we post for educational purposes and do not share.


Whether through choice, necessity or clear direction, an increasing number of people are staying home and the digital platform is being promoted as a way to stay connected and for students to access learning. We would like to encourage parents and students to revisit online safety, and have therefore included these websites from which you can get good information for parents and a range of age appropriate materials for children including games etc.

A key message we need to deliver is focused on the video conferencing tools as this is a new concept to a lot of people.  When taking part in a video conference it is critical that the environment the student is in is considered. This includes the room and what is visible in the background and what is being worn.  The most appropriate place for the video conference to take place is a shared space in the house with a plain background, for example, sitting immediately in front of a wall without posters and family prints etc.

Supporting Families at Home

Brighton Primary School wants to help families learning at home to the best of our abilities. We are able to offer assistance with the technologies the school has engaged, but not with issues around your own device(s) and internet connection at home.

If you require support from us, please refrain from calling the school and use our online helpdesk.  If it is your first visit to our helpdesk then you will need to create an account. All you need is your name and email to do so and an activation email will be sent to you.

Brighton Primary School Online Learning Helpdesk

External Support

If you experience problems beyond what Brighton Primary School can help you with, for example a problem with your hardware or internet connection itself, you may be required to go back to your provider.  If you do not have a preferred ICT support provider Brighton Primary School can recommend the below contacts;

John Wickham

Computer Troubleshooters Hallett Cove

(08) 8387 3889

0423 105 110