National Week of Deaf People – Assembly

Today’s Assembly will be broadcast live below, beginning at 9:50.  As with all events at school this may not start right on time, but rest assured, it is going ahead and will start shortly after the scheduled start time.

If you can see the video below and can press the play button, then your device and connection will (hopefully) be doing the right thing.  The video will begin as soon as we starting filming  the assembly.

Please sit back and enjoy the show.

2 thoughts on “National Week of Deaf People – Assembly

  1. I am in awe to watch your NWDP and make me happy to see you all perform your task. Great effort and wonderfully streaming this assembly.
    Big thanks.
    Janet Dunning

    1. Thanks Janet,
      We are so glad you got to watch our NWDP ‘live’ assembly. The CDE students were pretty excited and proud of hosting the National Week of Deaf People’s assembly ! They did an amazing job!
      Kind regards – Catharine

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