Update on the CDE’s NWDP Assembly tomorrow

The CDE students and staff have been working very hard in the preparation to host our Week 10 assembly to celebrate National Week of Deaf People. We are nearly ready for our very first “Live Streamed” Assembly . It will be available for you to watch in the comfort of your own home or from the office! Our student’s are watching the assembly from their own classrooms!
Adam will be setting up the Live Stream video link on the school Blog around  9.30am. When you are on the Blog – click the post “National Week of Deaf People – Assembly”.  When you see the preview video box, press play and the video should start playing – if it doesn’t start straight away, then it may be that we haven’t started our ‘live stream’ broadcast. Like all YouTube videos you can maximise to full screen.
Don’t worry as you will not see anything until the assembly starts at around 9.50am.
See you there !!

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