Weekly Wrap Up – Stem Learning

Dear Families,

Our STEM learning is off to an exciting start! This year we have a couple of new industry partners, one of which is the Caravan and Camping Industries Association. The Caravan and Camping Industries Association needs help from the children in 4.7 and 4.8 to design a new sustainable caravan that has minimal impact on the environment.  The children’s initial designs will be presented at the Caravan and Camping Show in July. The public will be invited to provide feedback to the children. STEM learning is a great opportunity for children to apply their mathematical learning and to put their creative design thinking skills into action.

We were fortunate to have the Minister of Education, Blair Boyer and Sarah Andrews MP visit us on Monday to launch the the next round of the Music Strategy.  Music education has so many benefits and our visitors got to see first hand the quality program offered at Brighton. Blair and Sarah were impressed with the children’s musical talents and their confidence to talk about their learning. We even made the Channel 10 news on Monday.

Next week we look forward to celebrating Reconciliation Week. We hope to see you at the assembly on Tuesday morning at 9:15am on the courts.

Enjoy your weekend.

Warm Regards, Rebecca


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