Return to School

Dear Families,

It has been an exciting 2 days at Brighton with our staff team back on site planning for the 2022 school year. Planning for the Return to School is well under way and I am proud of the staff’s resilience, positivity and dedication to being part of the Brighton Community.

What you can expect over the coming days….

Today, parents of Foundation and Year 1 students have received an email with information about the Return to School.

Information has been emailed to all parents who have informed the school that their child/ren will attending school on Monday 31 January and Tuesday 1st February.  Please click here for the Foundation letter.  Click here for Year 1 letter.

On Monday 31st January the Home Learning guide will be posted to the Blog and emailed to all parents of students in year 2-6. Parents of students in year 2-6 that have informed the school that their child/ren will attend on site from Wednesday 2nd February will receive additional information regarding learning on site.

On Tuesday 1st February parents of students in years 2-6 will receive a message from their child’s teacher via Seesaw containing class specific information about the Return to School including a timetable.

We ask that you take the time to read the information and contact your child’s teacher or a member of the leadership team if you have any questions.

Update on the Year 6 camp to Kangaroo Island…. The camp has been postponed to week 3 Term 2.

We understand that this is a challenging time for families and you will be juggling many competing demands. We are in this together, please stay connected with school staff and let us know if we can support in anyway.

Warm Regards,


9 thoughts on “Return to School

  1. Hello,
    What time are years 2-6 expected to be online for Teams check-in?
    I have a reception child and I don’t imagine we’ll be home from school drop off until around 9:30am.
    Thanks for your help 😊

    1. Hi Jessica
      Your child’s class teacher will send a Seesaw message today with the class timetable which will confirm the check-in time for your child.
      Thank you

  2. Hi there

    Will the remote learning information sent to parents of year 2-6 students have the new seesaw QR code to allow students to link to their new classes? Please advise.

    Thanks Mike

    1. Hi Mike
      Emails went home today with a link rather than the QR code for Seesaw Classroom. If you do not receive your email by the end of the day please let us know as we may need to update your email address at school.
      Thank you

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for all the hard work that you and your staff and the teachers are doing to accommodate this again unusual start of this school year.
    Regarding KI Camp, just as a, constructive thought, it would be advisable to have the trip still in the 1st Term. 3rd week of the second term is close to the border of winter and as the weather in KI at that time it’s not really ideal for camping.
    Understand the logistics of reorganising takes some time, However it would be a better option to have the camp rather towards the end of the 1st term.
    Let me know your thoughts on this please.

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your message. We tried to postpone the camp to later in term 1. Unfortunately week 3 term 2 was the earliest time available.

      Regards Rebecca

  4. If someone could please email me the letter regarding tomorrow. I sent through the form but didn’t receive anything. Both my children will be there tomorrow. Thanks so much!

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