7 thoughts on “Parent Letter Regarding COVID and Return to School

  1. Hi, I didn’t get any time allocated/advised to collect a device for my child, she will be attending on site from the 2nd for supervised online learning while we work, but we said yes to needing a device in case she had work she hadn’t completed during the day/homework. Would we have not been notified to collect a device despite saying yes she’d need one because the school believes she won’t need it? Or do I need to collect this week?

    1. Hi Bonny
      All students attending school will be provided with a device at school to access the online learning program on day 1. This will be kept at school for the student to use. We do ask that parents send some personal headphones if you have them.

    1. Hi Jason
      The school will be providing supervision for Monday 31st Jan and Tuesday 1st Feb for children of essential workers. Teachers will not provide a learning plan for these days however. Please advise the school is your children are coming on these day so that we can adequately staff this service.
      Thank you

  2. Hi,
    Will there be set times children expected to be online? Is it the entire school day?
    Do children working remotely/online require resources other than a device and internet? Stationary, writing implements, mouse, printer, scanner/camera, reading books, texts, head set? (We will have more than one student at home learning online).
    Will children have access to the teacher during class time?
    I imagine like all families right now, we are trying to prepare and schedule, as best we can, for the commencement of online schooling.
    Wishing everyone the best.

    1. Hi Sheree
      Rebecca will email all families very shortly with information about the start back to school. A Home Learning Guide will then follow which will have further detail. We are conscious of getting information out to you as soon as possible and are working hard to ensure a smooth transition. https://www.education.sa.gov.au/our-learning-sa/covid-19/setting-learning-home This link might help answer some questions and help set up home learning in the interim.
      Thank you

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