Celebration 2021 – Follow Up

Hello Families,

We recognise that the video has been hard to access for a lot of families.  Hopefully you have been following the comments on the original post.  The reason we have had problems is related to YouTube’s new terms and conditions.  From earlier this year unlisted videos such as ours are now subject to automatic copyright checks. As our kids sing and dance to music that is not owned by us, our video has been blocked to give the copyright owners time to allow or reject our use.  We did not foresee this happening, unfortunately.

We have now posted the video in a few different locations to aid in your access, but recognise that none of these are ideal.  None of these are a genuine video streaming services like YouTube and as such limit the number of people accessing it at a time, in a 24 hour period or at all, or, struggle to stream the HD video at sufficient bandwidth.

To try and make it easier here is a concise list of the links currently available;

Option 1 Hosted on Google Drive – limits number of access attempts per 24 hour period
Option 2 Hosted by Google Photos – with thanks to David from DfE ICT Services
Option 3 Hosted on BPS Intranet Server – not a media streaming server with limited upload bandwidth (Maybe an option for you to download, depending on your internet connection) 8 Gb File
Option 4 Hosted on BPS Intranet Server – not a media streaming server with limited upload bandwidth (Maybe a better option for you to download, but lower resolution) 1.2 Gb File
Option 5 Hosted in a OneDrive Personal account – viewing restrictions are unclear at this stage.
Option 6 As above – but is the lower resolution file that may suit downloading.

We are truly sorry this is happening, but sadly it is beyond our control and hope you see that the wait is worth it.  This is a brilliant production, filmed in brilliant quality.

We will keep you up to date as to how these links are coping and if we have any success getting the YouTube version working.

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