Celebration 2021

Get excited! It is here!

A massive thanks to all our staff and students, but in particular Amanda for her coordination and to Putra IGN for the videography.

As we have not been able to upload this video to YouTube, please see instructions below;

  • Please click play and then click the diagonal arrow in the top right corner to “pop the video out”. In this display you can then click the bottom right icon – the four corners of the square – the get into full screen mode.
  • You may also wish to download your own copy. All we ask is that you don’t redistribute it.  To do so, use the link below, then click the third icon from the top right, the downward arrow.  Be aware the file is approximately 8Gb in size.

If you have any problems with the embedded version above please try clicking this link instead.



11 thoughts on “Celebration 2021

  1. For clarity, we have uploaded this video to YouTube as always intended. But, YouTube now has new terms of service for even unlisted videos. They scan the video for copyright material. Because of the songs our kids sing and dance to it has been picked up. We are working to either get it unblocked or find an alternative streaming solution that is reliable and maintains the quality of the production.

    1. Adam,
      This link is ok as long as you don’t mind watching it in 3 second blocks as it buffers.
      We’re still getting too many playbacks.
      We’ll keep trying.

  2. Hi, I just tried to watch the video but it said that the number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded and to try again later. Will this become available again? Many thanks, Kellie.

    1. Hi Kellie and All,

      I apologise for this, this is a limitation of Google Drive where we have shared the file from. It appears to me that download is still a viable option.

      I will continue to look into alternative solutions as well.


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