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We have had a request to add school week numbers to our site as we often reference these and realise that they are not always as meaningful to people as they are to us.  Therefore, we have added an “Event” to every Monday for the remainder of the year just siting which Term and Week number it is.

We also thought it timely to remind you, or advise you of you didn’t know this, that you can synchronise our calendar with yours on your device so you can see school events in line with yours if you use your calendar, or just use your calendar to see the school events.

To synchronise the calendar to your device click/tap on the calendar in the main menu and under the calendar click/tap the subscribe button and select the relevant device type and follow the instructions.

2 thoughts on “School Calendar

  1. I should have added, when looking at the calendar on a mobile device, which is where you are most likely to sync it, the button you are looking for is in the bottom right of the calendar and look like a radio signal indicator or wifi icon.

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