SAPol Cyber Safety Presentations

All year 6 and 7 students took part in a presentation from SAPol Members Sophie and Matt today.  The presentations where extremely poignant and well received by the students.

Topics covered included;

Privacy Settings

A reminder that there are approximately 8 Billion people in the world and an estimated 5 billion online. That a public profile on any app or interface is potentially viewable by that many people.

If you need help to get your privacy settings right, ask an adult. Check your privacy settings frequently as they can be reset to defaults.

Be Aware

Appropriate – Make sure what you are posting or viewing is appropriate to you and your audience

Who – Make sure you know who will see it

Accurate – Make sure it is accurate

Respectful – Be respectful of yourself and others

Environment – Be aware of the environment around you in photos giving away information about you or your location(s).


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