Recently we have had to address a range of issues that have impacted on the wellbeing of our students here at school. This has related to a small number of students accessing inappropriate internet sites from devices at home and then sharing this wider. If this were to occur,  we will apply suspension if the wellbeing of other students is affected while here at school.

As a consequence of these recent behaviours we ask that all parents/caregivers speak to their child / children about being safe, accessing appropriate sites only and not sharing material that is offensive. We suggest you undertake this in a supportive and educational manner. Check your child’s web browser history on all devices and remind them that if students are under age and are accessing inappropriate sites, it becomes a Department for Child Protection matter or possibly a police matter.

There is no doubt that this can be challenging for parents/caregivers and at times overwhelming. Our goal, as is your goal, is to keep all our students safe. Please help us do so.

Parents are encouraged to  refer to the Online Learning tab, on the top right hand side of our Blog home page, for additional information/links regarding Cyber Safety.


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