Covid-19 Term 2 Update number 7

A number of changes will occur at Brighton Primary school as of Monday the 25th of May. We now expect all students to be at school to engage in face to face teaching as we will no longer support learning at home. We will revert to our normal 6 lesson time table with  single recess and lunch times, as we have always had prior to Covid-19. Our Canteen will operate every day of the week, with Bakery days held each Monday and Friday. We can not yet resume Breakfast Club or volunteers on school grounds until approved by DfE and expectations of parents staying off school grounds as much as possible, including not entering the front office, will also remain. We are not yet permitted to allow non DfE service providers on site, although we believe this will occur in the near future.

Gates will no longer be propped open, as they were, to lessen ‘contact’ transmission. We will continue to have a second clean of the school’s well used surfaces, including the school’s playgrounds. With regard to resuming sport at our school, Jan Marie will continue to keep our community well informed, as she has already done so.

We ask that parents keep their child/children at home if sick. We will contact parents to pick up any child who we believe is sick. Parents have been very supportive of this and I look forward to this continuing.

We will be  providing a modified student report to parents, reflecting the current circumstances-a general comment and achievement/effort grades for our year 1 -7 students while our Foundation students receive the same report but not grades A-E (this is current practice, irrespective of Covid-19).  Every student will also add to their own report, completing a student reflection overview, designed by each year level team. Reports will be distributed in the last week of this term as is our practice.

As a staff we are currently reviewing the challenges that we have faced as a school community, including a number of positives that we have noticed. We will collate the opinions of staff and importantly propose a number of ‘post Covid-19 actions’ which we believe will continue to be of benefit to our school community, students and staff. Parents are invited to offer their opinion either through our Blog or by email.

All of the above was shared with our Governing Council on Monday night and has their full endorsement. I encourage any parent who wishes to discuss any aspect covered to make contact with me at school.


One thought on “Covid-19 Term 2 Update number 7

  1. A lot of things are being crippled by this pandemic, hopefully everything will be back the same way its use to be. Hope you have a very sturdy plan since you are resuming face to face teaching already. Hope every school will follow the same procedure as you are implementing.

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