Rocky update number 2 Harry the Dirty Dog

Parents may recall that late last term I brought my dog Rocky to school, to meet our Foundation and year 1 students-it was a lot of fun.  Like a  number of other staff and students, I decided to create a video of me reading one of my favourite children’s books, featuring Rocky. Special thanks to Christie ‘who did the camera work ‘, to Rosanna who signed the story of ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’ for me and to Adam for post production editing. Top job everyone!

Please take a look and share with your children.


PS  I loved the part when Rocky stood up, as if on cue, wagging his tail at the  appropriate time!

4 thoughts on “Rocky update number 2 Harry the Dirty Dog

    1. Hi Amanda
      You can find them in the BPS Team files folder under videos, the file is titled Story time at BPS.

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