Spotlight the Learning


This term, in place of our traditional junior primary/primary assemblies, teachers will be opening up their Learning Areas to families and friends.  We changed this format last year and the feedback we received from people who attended was very positive.

Spotlighting the Learning is an opportunity for families and friends to enjoy the creativity, curiosity and challenges through the eyes of young people at BPS from day to day experiences and different perspectives.

Please refer to the timetable below to see when our different learning areas will come alive.  Your child’s teacher will send out an invitation through Seesaw. Please ask your child’s educator if you have any questions or queries about these sessions.

22nd May, Week 4 – LA5

5th June, Week 6 – LA6

12th June, Week 7 – LA3

19th June, Week 8 – LA4

26th June, Week 9 – LA1/LA2 + 3.5

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