Weekly Wrap Up- A hive of activity

Dear Families,

Our Junior Choir and Signing Choir showcased their talents at Westfield Marion yesterday. The choirs captivated the audience with their singing and signing. The performance was a highlight of the week! Thank you to Amanda, Kylee and Rosanna for training the choirs this year. We look forward to seeing the choirs perform again at the End of Year Celebration in week 9.

Our preschool to school transition program Buzzy Bees wrapped up yesterday. The program, in its second year, is designed to ease the transition for our youngest learners. It certainly has been a hive of activity over the past six weeks as  the children have participated in a range of learning experiences  designed to help them feel comfortable and confident in the school environment. Parents have expressed their appreciation of the Buzzy Bees program. We look forward to being part of the children’s learning journey and watching their growth over their first year at Brighton.

It’s hard to believe that there are only two more weeks of school left this year. The last two weeks will be filled with excursions, class celebrations, beach walks, moving up meet/greet, secondary transition visits, End of Year Celebration and Year  6 Graduation.

Enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

Warm Regards, Rebecca


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