Athletics, AFL 9s, Cricket and NRL Tackle Champions

The following students made it into the South West Athletics team and competed in the state championships. Results:
Willow 1st place High Jump
Jesse 4th place 1500m, 7th place 800m
Evie 3rd place 100m
Mason 6th place 100m, 3rd place 4 x 100m relay team
Ruben 4th place 4 x 100m relay team
Jude 1st place Discus
South West District won the State Championships.

South West Cricket team- congratulations to Jay who made the team to play in the state championships

AFL 9s returned after a long absence after Covid19. Brighton had 3 Girl teams and 5 Boys teams ( 80 year 5/6 students) Many thanks to the parents who came out to support students on the day.

Brighton has become stronger and stronger over the past 10 years with our involvement in the many rugby carnivals. We have won the state tackle championships on 2 occasions and state tag championships on 3 occasions. The NRL have moved the competition to include values. On Friday the 17th of November Brighton had a boys and girls team play in this carnival. Both teams went through the day undefeated, conceding only a handful of tries. Thanks to Josh V for coaching the girls team who won the trophy for RESPECT. The boys team won the FAIR PLAY trophy.

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