Weekly Wrap Up- Celebrating The Arts

Dear Families,

At Brighton, we take pride, in our vibrant Arts Program. Our dedicated Arts teachers, Amanda, Rachel, Sandy and Kylee  foster an environment where creativity is celebrated, and every child’s unique talents are nurtured.

The Arts are an integral part of the learning at Brighton, emphasizing creativity, imagination, and expression. The Arts provide a unique space to encourage the development of a wide range of skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, cultural awareness , collaboration and resilience.

The Arts Assembly today, was an exciting opportunity to showcase and celebrate the creative talents of our students! We also welcomed Rob Taylor to conduct a special   Welcome to Country. Thank you so much Rob for sharing your culture, your language and your knowledge about the digeridoo and boomerang! We loved your connection with us and look forward to seeing you at Brighton soon.

Enjoy your weekend

Warm regards, Rebecca


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