Weekly Wrap Up- Foundation Family Fiesta

Dear Families,

Foundation families braved the cold weather on Monday to join in all the fun of the Foundation Family Fiesta. This was a wonderful opportunity for families to meet each other, get to know staff and enjoy some ‘fiesta’ activities including  pass the parcel, dancing, limbo and the pinata. I have to say, I felt so happy that we were able to offer families the opportunity to gather,  as I know the community have missed these opportunities over the past few years. We look forward to future events that are coming up such as the Parents and Friends Quiz Night this Saturday Night and the Science Expo early next term. I hope you have the Expo in your diary, Wednesday 3rd August 2:30-4:30pm. Don’t forget Book and Writers’ Week in Week 6 next term. Keep an eye on future blogs for more information for all these events. We would love to see lots of families.

Our digital communication is reaching new heights! As you are aware we have launched the parent Sentral portal. Through the portal you can keep an eye on your child’s attendance and receive/download a copy of your child’s mid year and end of year report. For more details check the blog. Of course, if you prefer a hard copy of your child’s written report we are happy to provide this. Contact us via email brightonps.info@schools.sa.edu.au to organise written copies.

Hope to see you at the Quiz Night.

Enjoy the weekend.

Warm Regards, Rebecca


One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up- Foundation Family Fiesta

  1. That’s looks great would be nice to have something like that for year one kids as they missed gathering last year because of covid 😊

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