New Principal Appointee

Further to my previous announcement of my pending retirement, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Read, as the new Principal for Brighton Primary School. Details regarding Rebecca’s appointment are outlined below, by our Educational Director, Christine Sheldon.


Dear Families,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Rebecca Read has been appointed to the position of Principal, Brighton Primary School for the next 5 years. Rebecca comes to Brighton Primary with many years of successful experience as Principal of a number of schools and as the Chairperson of the Panalatinga Partnership in the Southern Vales.

Currently Rebecca is the Principal at Coorara Primary School and in this role has provided strong leadership for improving organisational management systems, Human Resource practices, teaching and learning and curriculum delivery. Rebecca has excellent skills in leading programs in student wellbeing, behaviour management, deaf education and special learning intervention and support. At CPS she successfully improved quality teaching such that the school has an excellent reputation in both the local and wider community for continuous improvement in student achievement and growth, in particular for high achieving students.

Rebecca will take up her appointment at Brighton Primary School at the commencement of 2022 which will allow a significant time frame for a thorough handover between her and Ian Filer and time to replace Rebecca in her current role at Coorara PS.

I would like to sincerely thank the Principal Appointment Panel for their support and extensive work leading to Rebecca’s appointment to this position.

Yours sincerely,


Chris Sheldon

Education Director

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