Covid-19 update number 6 Term 3

As parents would be aware, all schools is SA are now reopened and all students are encouraged to return to school this Wednesday. We look forward to seeing all of our students here tomorrow. Please note the following.

With schools now open, the teaching and learning programme takes place at school, not home

The school will only provide ‘at home learning’ for students who are required to remain at home under quarantine conditions

At home learning will not be provided for parents who chose, for whatever reason, not to send their child/children to school-we are open

Parents are asked to drop off /pick up their child/children from the gate and not to enter the school grounds

Leadership staff will greet and farewell students at the entrance gates each morning and afternoon

OSHC will operate as outlined by Ben in a recent post

Staff will not be required to wear a mask while teaching or in the school yard, but when attending meetings or in the staffroom etc will need to do so

It is not a requirement for students to wear a mask, as it is in high schools, but students can, if they wish, wear a mask

Footsteps/FYI and SEDA cricket clinics have been postponed until further notice. This is advice received from DfE Covid Response Team

Please update the school if your family is required to quarantine

Please abide by any quarantine restrictions put in place, for the safety and well being of our community

I appreciate your support and understanding during this most challenging time -for us all!



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