Covid-19 update number 3 , term 3

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

Today the Premier announced a 7-day state-wide lockdown starting at 6.00pm tonight (Tuesday 20 July).

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 21st) has been declared a Pupil Free Day and only the children of essential workers and vulnerable children are expected to attend school. A skeleton staff will provide supervision, but not a learning program for tomorrow. If your child needs to attend, we will be here for them.

All students have been asked to take home books and anything else they need to continue their learning from home. Students would have done this today. More information on learning programs will be provided on Wednesday, as we work our way through the new COVID-19 directions. These will be PLT based, (year level teams) and teachers will indicate the learning via Seesaw or Teams. Teachers will provide on line learning options for the next 4 days either daily, in 2, two day blocks or for the four days. It should be understood that this approach will not be able to replicate the teaching and learning programme provided here at school. If the lockdown proceeds longer than the proposed 7 days, additional learning will be provided.

I ask that parents check our Blog site regularly, as this is how I will communicate any whole school information to our wider community. Class teachers will communicate via Seesaw or by email.

We appreciate that this is a significant undertaking for you and your family. Your child’s teacher, our support staff and I are here to support you where we can. Stay safe and take care.


6 thoughts on “Covid-19 update number 3 , term 3

  1. Thank you for the communication. My daughter’s class didn’t receive any take home books or anything else for their continued learning over this period.
    Please can you advise what we should do.

    1. Hi Sarah-all teaching staff are planning their teaching and learning programme today and this will be made available to students and parents via Seesaw later today. Depending on your child’s year level it may be that all learning will be provided on line.You will be updated.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Supervision falls within normal school hours -ie 8.40am until 3.10pm. OSHC services are also available.

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