Friendly Reminder – Basketball, Volleyball and Netball Fees are due today

Thank you to all of our community who are involved in extra curricular school sport.

Please be reminded that sports fees are due today, with the exception of soccer, which is due Tuesday 29 June 2021.

If paying in full is not an option for your family budget, please contact Lisa in Finance today to establish a payment plan. Please call 8296 3614.

Please be aware, that our school runs sports close to cost so we rely on all participants to make payment.  The agreement signed at time of registration is as follows:

“I am aware that this is an optional activity which is not an essential part of the curriculum. Unless payment or a written commitment to pay has been received by the invoiced due date, my child will not participate in this sport”

This means that for any Basketball, Volleyball and Netball players without payment will be withdrawn from their team until time of payment or a payment plan has been established and adhered to.  As I am sure you can understand, our bills from Volleyball SA, Basketball SA and Netball need to be paid without delay.

Volleyball – please note, I reduced your fees by $20 this season (invoiced accordingly) as I was unable to coordinate a clinic this term.

Thank you


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