Reminder: School Fees are due by the 9th April

Thank you to the families who have paid their 2021 M&S Charge so promptly and also to the families who have requested and returned an Instalment Agreement Form.

All 2021 M&S Charges are due to be paid in full prior to the end of Term 1, Friday 9th April 2021 unless an Instalment Agreement Form has been completed and returned to Finance.

Many families have completed and signed an Instalment Agreement Form which enables the payment due date to be extended to the end of Term 2 – Friday 2nd July 2021. Any outstanding 2021 M&S Charges as at the end of Term 2 will be referred to the Recoveries Team without further notice.

If you would like an Instalment Agreement Form please either email or phone 8296 3614 as soon as possible so that this can be arranged.

Lastly, a reminder to families who may be eligible to apply for 2021 School Card we ask that you do so as soon as possible. Please visit for any further information and to apply online.

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