Celebration Concert Program

Get your popcorn and cool refreshments ready
On this Friday at 9:30am we will be live streaming our End of Year Celebration Concert  for everyone to enjoy. Items have been pre-recorded and a team of year 7s will be hosts for the day. Parents can view the concert  at 9:30am but will also be available to watch at any time until the end of this year.  A link to the live stream will be posted on Friday morning here on the blog.
We recommend getting together as a family and watching  when it suits you sometime over the weekend. All classes will watch the live stream Friday morning, December 4th, while in their classrooms. We hope you appreciate that COVID has really forced us to undertake a different format and the recent lockdown did disrupt this production quite significantly. We are still proud and pleased to present you with a varied program.
Thank you for all your support and understanding this year.
Happy holiday season is just around the corner!
Amanda and Adam
A huge thankyou to all staff and students for their outstanding efforts to make this year’s concert a reality. Special thanks in particular to Amanda and Adam for their exceptional technical skills, filming our concert in the lead up to this Friday’s live stream. We all hope you really enjoy this year’s concert.

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