New Build Update – Number 2 Term 4 2020

Our first construction start up meeting was held on Thursday 5th of November with representatives from Sensum(project managers), Sarah Constructions (builders), DfE and the chairperson of our Facilities Committee, Stewart Watson. We discussed a range of issues associated with the build including:

  • Safety and OHSW details
  • Detailed construction programme/timeline
  • Parking issues
  • OSHC operating hours over Xmas to ensure student safety at all times
  • Peak traffic times at school
  • Addition of water and power to the Sports shed on the oval
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment allocation

We confirmed that the fencing for the site will be installed on, or perhaps before, the 23rd of November. Sarah’s have also confirmed that there will be no earth works adjacent to the school hall until the new year.

The construction meetings will be held every fortnight and either Stewart or another member of our Governing Council will be in attendance. The picture above is an artist’s impression of what the new building will look like. The new canteen is to the right, the main entrance located centrally, eight classrooms, large wet space, teacher preparation space, withdrawal room and covered deck area to the rear, with toilets  on the left hand side-very impressive I believe!


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