Mobile Phones and Social Media

Since the introduction of our new Mobile Phone Policy we have seen a significant improvement of the use of mobile phone devices during school hours.

However, TikTok continues to be used widely amongst the students.  This app is designed for 12+ as a minimum.  More importantly, it is very easily for anonymous users to post content that is inappropriate, promoting bullying, self harm and more sinister topics.  For more information on the app please see the below fact sheet about the app with many thanks to the Carly Ryan Foundation.

Whilst not verified, there have been numerous claims made about the security of accounts by the app creator and the use of the data collected.

As we recently posted, we have also had SAPol on site presenting on Cyber Safety.  A major theme that was in all levels of the presentation was around children’s Digital Footprint. Once something is posted on line it is likely to be there forever. With most of these apps, despite their presentation and feel, you do not have ultimate control over what happens to the content.

We feel that this maybe another valuable opportunity to share this information and encourage you to continue the conversation at home.

The eSafety Commisioner’s website is a great resource for all families.  Their information about TikTok can be found here.

Channel 9’s ACA also ran a story on the app last year that you may wish to watch either for the first time or again.

On a personal level I found it such a problem at home I have gone to the extent of blocking it all together.  I have previously posted about various methods to monitor and / or control children’s internet access at home and on mobile devices.  I have done this with the use of the technology provided by FamilyZone.

Whilst I have no affiliation with this company I do highly recommend their products and others like them.  If this is something you feel you would like to know more about please follow the above link or contact me.

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