A quick soccer update for you:

Teams are being finalised by our soccer coordinator, Naomi.   A special thanks to Naomi for doing this, and to those who have offered to coach and team manage.

As there was such interest in the new soccer tops, I walked around to classes and checked out the sizes of the majority of players.  I have ordered the tops in 1 – 2 sizes bigger than the current sizing being worn in school tops, as they are a smaller size make.  There was an urgency to get our order in to ensure they arrive in time.  Numbers will be allocated per size, and are not able to be chosen by the player.

The first game is  anticipated to be week 1 of term 3 – Saturday, July 25th.

Naomi will be in touch with you to advise teams and your coach will communicate when training will occur.

Thanks and Regards,

Naomi and Jan-Marie


One thought on “Soccer

  1. Hi there,
    Can you point me in the direction of the Soccer Registration form? I can’t recall whether we have registered for this season.

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