Your Governing Council recently approved our ‘mobile phone and smart watch use’ policy which is out lined below. Over the next week staff will update all students regarding the new policy, with the expectation that it be followed as of week 10 this term. I ask that parents read and discuss with any ‘student mobile phone/smart watch users’ in your household. Parents are invited to contact either Christie or myself, if you wish to discuss any aspect of the policy.


This policy has been developed by Brighton Primary School and Governing Council to protect the rights of children to learn and teachers to teach, without distraction or threat to their safety.

The school understands that mobile phones offer a service to some families. Safety and communication concerns may require that some students have a mobile phone with them. We also understand that students bring mobile phones to school as a safety measure i.e.: travelling to and from school.

There are, however, issues associated with mobile phones on school grounds. These include security, interruptions to school operations and student perceptions of equity and privacy. Because of these issues, we have developed guidelines for the use of mobile phones and smart watches.

Mobile phones can be brought to school but with the following protocols:

  • Mobile phones are to be turned off and out of sight from 8:30am to 3:10pm.
  • Smart watches must have the ‘do not disturb function’ activated whilst at school and are not to be used beyond the function of a standard time keeping device.
  • Any phone calls made by students during school hours must be made via the front office or classroom phone under the supervision of an adult.
  • Calls from families to students are to be made via the front office.
  • Mobile phones should remain securely stored in the student’s bag.
  • Mobile phones and smart watches brought to school are the responsibility of the owner and the school takes no liability for any loss or damage.
  • The use of mobile phones and smart watches is subject to the cyber safety agreement.
  • In the case of misuse students will be asked to hand their phones into the front office.
  • Phones and smart watches will not be allowed on camps/excursions.

Consequences for the failure to follow these guidelines shall be in accordance with the behaviour policy.




  1. I’m all for it too. I am hoping my daughter is already doing this. Just think the first protocol could possibly have ‘whilst on school grounds’ added to it? Or ‘whilst attending school’. Or maybe the rider at the beginning could read “Mobile Phones can be brought onto school grounds” I know it sounds obvious but I think it’s important that policy is accurate.

    1. Thanks Simon for your interest. I believe the statement prior (Mobile phones can be brought to school but with the following protocols:) covers your concern.

  2. That is a healthy step into the future. The students will benefit from it and should be able to enjoy school life even more. This policy is very welcomed by our family standards. Thanks for introducing it.

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