Important Fundraiser by our Pre-Service Teacher

Alistair & Tas

This term Candice and the Year 7 team were lucky enough to have Alistair Fleming working with them as a Pre-Service Teacher in the Year 7 Community. Not only is he a great up-and-coming teacher, but he also has a good heart.
This weekend Alistair is taking part in the Westpac City-Bay fun run to raise money for another student he is currently working with at “Our Lady of Grace” Primary School – Tas Footner.
Tas Footner is a bright and bubbly seven-year-old who suffers from Cerebal Palsy. He is wheel-chair bound and communicates to his friends and family through a communication book called PODD.
A big struggle that Tas’s family has is transporting Tas and his twin sisters, as every time they get in and out the car Tas’s mum needs to dismantle his wheelchair, and lift it in and out of the car – which you can imagine is quite hard for her not being a big person.
Alistair is hoping that his efforts in the City-Bay this weekend will help raise funds to get Tas’s family a new Kia Carnival which will make this process so much easier for his family.
If you would like to know more, Alistair recently had his fundraising efforts noticed by Adelaide Now. Read more at
If you would like to donate to this cause please go to
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