Do you know the apps your kids are using?

I have to admit, I too do not always know everything about every app that the kids either use or want to use.  Fortnite, for me, was a classic point in case.  My eldest son requested it fairly early on.  My research into at the time was limited, but in appearance I was comfortable with the game.  Compared to most modern “shooting” games I saw it as mild.  Personally, I am still OK with the violence factor of the game, I grew up playing that style of game and I don’t believe that had any negative impact on me.

However, I didn’t understand what the game was evolving to, the addictive nature of it etc.  I recently came across a series of fact sheets about some of the common apps kids are using today. I wish these were around then.  I discovered the source was the Carly Ryan Foundation.  I reached out to them, and with very gracious thanks to them, I have permission to share these with our community.  Each of these sheets gives you an insight to the app.  I encourage you to have a look, I intend to read them all in detail.  I also strongly encourage you to check out the Carly Ryan Foundation and consider a donation.

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