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It is with pleasure that we welcome Mandy Thorpe to the role of Canteen Manager. Mandy is an experienced Canteen manager and comes to us with a passion for cooking, baking and holds  a very healthy perspective on everything that our Canteen will provide. She readily establishes friendly and respectful relationships with students, staff and the wider community. Mandy will begin her new role on Monday of week 3-Monday the 29th of October. The canteen will remain closed next week, as we have already indicated, but will be open on Friday of week 2 for our weekly Bakery Day. Mandy has posted  a note of introduction on Brighton Banter.

Ian Filer




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  1. Thanks for your comment Katrin-we always appreciate feedback from our parent community. Litter has been an ongoing issue at Brighton (and indeed any school I have worked in) and is something our Grounds Committee is attempting to address. I will pass on your thoughts to our Canteen Committee and also to Mandy our new Canteen Manager. I think your suggestion is definitely worth exploring. Ian

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