Strategies to stop bullying—community consultation

Bullying comes in many forms—verbal, physical and cyberbullying—and can have long term effects on those involved.
The government is wanting to better protect children from bullying behaviour and they want to hear from students, parents, educators and community members about how schools, families and the wider community can help reduce bullying.
Take part in an online survey and let the government know how you think bullying can be reduced for all children and young people in our State.
What are the best ways to stop students bullying? How can families help? Does our society contribute to bullying in the playground? These are just a few of the questions explored in the survey.
Your feedback will help develop strategies to better protect children from bullying behaviour, as well as support the production of programs and materials to support schools, teachers, parents, and other members of the community.
The survey closes Sunday 21 October at 5pm, so make sure to have your say and encourage your colleagues, parents and children to speak up on this important issue.

Renee Book

Assistant Principal

Students at Risk, Intervention for All

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