Weekly Wrap Up

Dear Families,

Winter after-school sports are in full swing at Brighton! Our after-school sports program continues to be a great success and gets bigger every year! From soccer to basketball, it’s wonderful to see students being active and engaged. Special thanks to all the parents who kindly coach and help manage the teams.

The Foundation/Year 1 Learning Hub Assembly, hosted by Belinda and Kim’s class, was a fantastic event. Students in 4.3 showcased their learning about mathematical patterns, and the Foundation learning hub leaders shared their learning about forces. The audience was treated to an entertaining performance by the recorder ensemble. We were proud of how confidently the children in 4.3 spoke and presented their learning. We appreciate the efforts of Belinda, Amanda, Deb, and Emily for supporting the students and making the assembly a memorable experience.

Our Year 5 students went back to AFL Max for a leadership excursion filled with team-building activities and fun challenges. The students learned valuable lessons in leadership, collaboration, and resilience.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to another exciting week ahead.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Warm Regards, Rebecca

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