Weekly Wrap Up- passion for learning

Dear Families,

This week, our Year 6 students showcased their talents and interests at the Passion Project Expo. Each student presented a project they have been diligently working on for the past few months. The range of topics was impressive, spanning from bullying prevention, innovative inventions, upcycling, sustainability, and artistic creations. It was wonderful to see and hear the enthusiasm and creativity of our students. Thank you to Ann-Mari and Andy for opening up their classrooms to support the students in sharing their learning with our community.

Last night, our newly formed debating team participated in their first debate. Our team—Evie, Hilary, and Charlotte—spoke confidently and presented their thoughts and opinions as the affirmative team on the topic “That self-serve at supermarkets is a good idea.” The topic sparked a lively debate and showcased the excellent critical thinking and public speaking skills of our students. Our team presented well-researched arguments, and the debate was closely contested. Congratulations, Evie, Hilary, and Charlotte! Thank you to Karen and the parents who supported our debating team.

Enjoy the weekend.

Warm Regards, Rebecca


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