Brighton School Art piece.

Last year the school had a very successful Art show and raised funds were to go towards an Art piece for the school.

Recently at the Brighton Jetty Sculptures, an artist by the name of Mick Spencer had one of his metal sculptures displayed – an emu made from cutlery. Mick is an artist from Tickera on the Northern Yorke Peninsula. Mick creates his pieces by upcycling cutlery and other second-hand metals. We have commissioned Mick to make us an emu using cutlery from our school community so there is a little piece of all of us in the creation.

I will be collecting the cutlery on our Building Community night, so please bring a piece along if you have some spare. You can also deposit it in a box I will put in the front office. We require approximately 2000 stainless steel spoons or forks.

Below is one of Micks pieces to give you an idea.

Thank-you. Rachel




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