After School Rugby League 2023

We are working with the NRL schools program to try and get some teams playing Rugby League after school in 2023. Look out for details coming in term 1 next year but as an introduction I have included details below:
League Stars is an after school program, designed for primary school students of all ages and ability levels. Our program is action packed, where participants are constantly moving and highly engaged. We deliver the program in two phases. Phase 1 gives students an opportunity to experience the game of Rugby League in the comfort of their school environment. This is where we come in and run two FREE introductory sessions with your classes during the school day. Phase 2 is the after school program itself, where students that are interested in getting involved outside of a school setting register to participate. Registrations do come at a cost for parents (can be covered by the sports voucher), this varies depending on how many weeks the program is run for, but does include a participant pack (at minimum they receive a shirt, ball and bag). The age groups will be Foundation to year 2 and years 3-6.
Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask
Jeff Miller

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