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The Foundation Tennis Development tennis coaching team is excited to announce we will be offering the popular Hotshots Tennis Program after school for Brighton Primary School students in Term 4 2022! FTD has enjoyed fantastic relationships delivering coaching to local schools and families in the area, and we are offering an exciting program for Brighton Primary students (see below) who may wish to learn tennis for the first time, or to further develop their skills! The Hotshots program refers to the renowned modified tennis program, allowing fundamental perception and motor skills to be developed that not only helps with tennis but with all sports.

The Brighton Primary afterschool sessions will be capped at a maximum of 12 students from year levels Reception to Year 4. In addition to this, we have a wide range of afterschool and weekend coaching options available at our nearby Somerton Park Tennis Club that all students can take part in.

Details of the Afterschool Hotshots program will be as follows:

Brighton Primary School Afterschool Hotshots (Reception to Year 4 only) 

Please use the link above to register online. For students in older year levels, or any students requiring coaching on alternative days, additional coaching options are available at Somerton Park Tennis Club. Contact or on 0438 801 967 to see what is available.

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