Reconciliation Week Art

During term 2 ,classes participated in different ways to observe ,discuss and take influence from Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander art.Most of the children were familiar with the Western Desert art movement ,sometimes known as ‘dot painting ‘, but  just like artists anywhere the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are diverse and so is their practice.We have looked at different materials the artists  have used including glass,fibre,ceramics and photography and what the different influences or inspirations that  helped them develop the various pieces.

I attended a training for educators at the South Australian Art  gallery the other Saturday ‘To dot or not to dot’.  We were taken through the gallery before the public entered exploring the diversity of the permanent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks on display.It was a great experience and I encourage you if in the city to explore the gallery – a wonderful free resource.Also next door at the Museum the Waterhouse Natural Science Art exhibition is on until the 7 th August.There was some beautiful artwork on display .


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