Weekly Wrap Up- Welcome to Dionne

Dear Families,

This week we welcomed Dionne to our community. Dionne will be starring as the Aboriginal Community Education Officer and will work at Brighton on Thursdays. She will be working with the First Nations Committee as well as the children and staff  to deepen their understanding of First Nations culture and traditions.  Dionne comes with a wealth of knowledge and energy. We are excited to have her on board as part of our community.

Tomorrow our  Pedal Prix team are off to Tailem Bend for their first race of 2022. Over the years our Pedal Prix program has grown and we are fortunate to have three Pedal Prix vehicles. Pedal Prix requires commitment and effort. Lucas has been busy preparing the cars and the students have been participating in fitness training before school. Good luck to the team, many of whom are riding in their first race. A big shout out to Lucas for coordinating the program and volunteering a lot of his own time to make this experience available to students.

Our STEM learning is off to a great start.  This year our year 1s are partnering with Melba’s Chocolate Factory to help them solve a problem by designing recyclable packaging for their Turkish Delight. To set the scene for their  STEM project the children visited Melba’s and saw first hand the process of how the chocolate is made and packaged. We look forward to seeing the creative solutions the children design.

Warm Regards, Rebecca

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