Book Fair – Next week

open poster 2022

Next week, during week 3, (Monday 16 May – Friday 20 May) our school library will be having a book fair.  Due to COVID there are some families who have not had the opportunity to attend one of these exciting annual events, and you don’t know what you have missed!

The fair is a ‘pop up shop’ supplied to us by Scholastic.  This event has always been very successful and has a huge variety of books available, and novelty items from $1.  It is a great fundraiser for our school as we receive bonus points for money spent, which we use to purchase new books for our library.

Students will also have an opportunity to visit the fair with their classes, after which they may come home with a ‘Wish List’.  Families should not feel under any obligation to purchase items, but it is a great opportunity to purchase birthday or early Christmas gifts.

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