Weekly Wrap Up – Your School Your Say

Dear Families,

And just like that term 2 has started! What a wonderful week it has been for the children to reconnect with their educators and classmates. A warm welcome to the  two new families who have joined our community this term. We welcome one new staff member this term , Kate Saunders who will be starring as the year 4/5 teacher in 4.3 while Chris Hansen is on leave. Term 2 is shaping up to be busy term filled with lots of exciting learning events planned including the year 5 camp to Illawonga, Reconciliation Week, STEM projects and excursions, Bookfair and Pedal Prix.

Our staff are learners as well. On Monday the teachers participated in professional learning about teacher clarity. Think about the last time you were engaged in learning something. When you think about all of the things that helped you learn, what stands out? Was it the intentional actions of a teacher/instructor, the opportunity to learn from others? Was it the design of the learning experiences? Was it the flow or sequence of those experiences? Was it the feedback you received? In reality, probably all of these. Learning new skills is complex and the research shows that children are more motivated and more likely to learn to high standard if they know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will know if they are successful. Focusing our attention on teacher clarity, raises expectations of learner achievement and ensures all students at Brighton achieve to a high level.

Today SRC Reps (years 4-6) met with Jess and Michael to review the concept plans for the new Learning Area 4 playground space. Students provided valuable feedback about the play elements they would like to see in the space. What we heard very clearly is that students want structures that they can climb, spaces where they can meet up  and play elements that would provide challenge. We are excited to see what Jess brings back to the group in a couple of weeks.

Your school, Your say…. I am keen to hear from parents/carers about their experiences of Brighton Primary, this information will help to shape  future directions of the school. I encourage you to share your experiences by completing a quick on line survey (complete in a couple of minutes). Click here to complete the survey.

To all the Mums, Step Mums, Grandmothers and special people in our community, Happy Mothers’ Day, I hope you have a great day on Sunday.

Warm Regards, Rebecca

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