Library ‘Click and Collect’

Hi there to all families,

Well, this is certainly a different start to the school year.   Our library is just bursting with books waiting to be borrowed and we really want students to be able to access the books.   For those students who are currently unable to come to the library, we have decided to offer our own ‘Click and Collect’.  Parents/ Caregivers can email me with their children’s requests for the books they would like.  This can be done by specific titles, authors, subjects, genre and PRC.

I will borrow the books for your child, send you a ‘thumbs up’ and they will be in the foyer at the front office for you to collect.  Books can also be returned to the foyer.

We have never had to offer anything like this before, and we are looking forward to giving it a go.  You can email me

Mandy Marshall

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