Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities

This week marks  National Week of Deaf People, with this year’s central theme being, ‘Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities’. When I think about this in a local context, a Brighton context, I believe we are a thriving Deaf community, enhanced by our students’  willingness to learn, lead and supported by staff who are dedicated to our Deaf and hard of hearing students and importantly supported by parents who want their child/children to be afforded every opportunity to succeed and excel. This is our primary focus.

Congratulations to our Deaf and hard of hearing students and hearing students, from our 6 Deaf and hard of hearing classes, who will feature in our NWDP video to be posted on Thursday. Congratulations and many thanks to all the  CDE staff who have worked  to make this a great success. Thankyou to both Rosanna and Gavin for their excellent support, knowledge and advice  and a huge thankyou to Belinda, whose exceptional IT skills have ensured that we are show casing an outstanding compilation of student learning. Top job Belinda!

Special thanks to CDE leader Catharine Carlin, who has been a tireless educator, doing her absolute best to ensure that our Deaf and hard of hearing students are afforded the best learning opportunities at our school. In my time as Principal at Brighton PS I have always been very impressed by Catharine’s dedication and hard work. I wish Catharine and all her staff and students, continued success next term and for the years to come.



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