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As per the earlier Blog post regarding the Year 7 Community Enterprise Market which will be happening this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, below we have posted the catalogue of URL links for you to browse in the lead up to the event. Prices of items and the range of stock available will be available in MOST CASES. Keep in mind that these sites have been designed and created by year 7 students.

Copy and paste the URL’s provided into a web browser to explore the website for each product. These websites are continuously being updated, so please note that some may appear unfinished. If a child’s name does not have a URL associated with it, this means that they have not yet completed/updated their website. This document will be updated as students publish their websites.

If a hyperlink is not active, please copy and paste the URL into your browser to access the website.


Name Class Product Description URL
Keita Cook 6.1 Snow Globes
Jamie Cooter 6.1 Carnival Game (interactive) 
Oliver Davies 6.1 Stress Globes
Reese Dunstall 6.1 Bath Bombs
Lacey Gillies 6.1 Body Scrubs
Courtney Hann 6.1 Jewellery
James Howatt 6.1 Wrist Bands
Ollie Kelly 6.1 Slime 
Travis Kelly 6.1 Wood Burnings 
Ryan Kress 6.1 Soap
Jordan Leane 6.1 Custom Keyrings 
Samika Lewis 6.1 Dishes
Paige Morris 6.1 Hama Beads
Courtney Olson 6.1 Scrunchies
Sebastian Reynolds 6.1 Exercise Equipment
Chloe Round 6.1 Games
Brooke Smith 6.1 Loom Bands 
Josh Squire 6.1 Surfboard Wax 
Archie Stanford 6.1 Rope Toss (Interactive) 
Zak Sweet 6.1 Jewellery 
Mitchell Webb 6.1 Noughts and Crosses
Mikaela Wilson 6.1 Keyrings
Jevan Adi Putra 6.2 Clothing 
Tilly Badenoch 6.2 Keyrings
Charlotte Blackwell 6.2 Plants
Jack Bradshaw 6.2 
Blake Brasser 6.2 Claw Machine (Interactive)
Angus Coveney 6.2 Magnets 
Kristen Davey 6.2 Jewellery 
Bailey Dey 6.2 
Maggy Donaldson 6.2 Marble Run (Interactive) 
Hannah Ellison 6.2 Bonsai Tree
Marlow Gage 6.2 Mini Games 
Charlotte Green 6.2 Rock Mugs
Elijah Kohn 6.2 Stress Balls 
Fynnley Lines 6.2 
Tyler Mead 6.2 Candles
Elise Mountford 6.2 Fidget Toys 
Bardia Pourbarkhordari 6.2 
Jack Pummeroy 6.2 Hand Sanitiser
Blake Reid 6.2 Bracelets
Kayden Stevens 6.2 Crochet Frogs 
Alexander Wojnar 6.2
Zoe Zakarevicius 6.2 Mugs 
Emmanuel Avdelas 6.3 Slime
Tyrell Bedell 6.3
Lexi Beech 6.3 Scrunchies & Masks
Isla Chau 6.3 Pencil Pots
Ryan Cronin 6.3
Jackson Davis 6.3 Posters
Ben Dickson 6.3 Succulents
Ashton Edward 6.3 Pencil Holder
Jett Elliot 6.3
Harrison Flavel 6.3 Plants
Cooper Hume 6.3 Jewellery
Stella Mathews 6.3 Face Masks
March McCann 6.3 Dog Accessories 
Racheal Mcnamee 6.3 Coasters
Waseela Momand 6.3
Brooklyn Mooney 6.3 Assorted Products
Trishel Noronha 6.3 Assorted Products
Chelsea Olson 6.3 Jewellery
Quinn Peterson 6.3 Soap
Anya Roomes 6.3 Candles
Maximus Thompson 6.3 Rock and Shell Art
Ben Wilson 6.3 Cup Pong (Interactive) 


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