National Week of Deaf People

Happy National Week of Deaf People!

This week Brighton PS and the Centre of Deaf Education celebrate National Week of Deaf People (NWDP). Due to the ongoing uncertainties of COVID-19 restrictions within the Department for Education guidelines, we will be unable to have our families on site for the NWDP assembly and other special Auslan events for the wider community.

As we have experienced this situation last year, the CDE took initiative and have been busy preparing and filming, a first ever “pre-recorded” assembly to celebrate National Week of Deaf People.

During the past term, our CDE classes have working on their assembly items and all these videos have have been put together to create one ‘ready to go, pre-recorded’ assembly. On behalf of the school, our CDE is trialling the pre-recorded assembly, as a way forward and hopefully reduce the “livestreaming” IT issues that the school has experienced in the past.

Our NWDP assembly will be available on the School’s Blog on Thursday 23rd September at 12pm, for our students, CDE families and the wider community. Classes across the school will be viewing the assembly simultaneously.

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