It is with a great sense of nostalgia, happiness and perhaps  relief that after 46 years as a teacher, Deputy and Principal I say farewell-but also with a good deal of sadness. This  Friday will be my last day as Principal at Brighton Primary School and also my last day working for the Educational Department. I have loved my job, being a teacher was my absolute passion, one inspired by my exceptional mother who always reminded me that being a teacher was the most honourable profession you could undertake. I have generally also loved my role as a leader, albeit a number of challenges, but I always reminded myself of this very simple premise ‘We make decisions based solely on the welfare and wellbeing of students in our care’-it worked a treat.

Special thanks to the GC at our school-there is no doubt that in my leadership career of over 35 years you have been the most supportive, constructive and student focused group of parents I have worked with.  There are a few parents who I must acknowledge as champions of our school and a great support for me as Principal. Sincere thanks to Simon, our GC Chair during my tenure – always supportive, encouraging and full of common sense. A great leader and friend. And to Nicky, she has lead our Finance committee through some very challenging times and has helped make our school strong, well-resourced, with outstanding facilities and with a bright future. Also a great friend. Thanks also to Nicky Medlen, a parent at our school, our ‘go to’ interpreter and someone who I could always rely on for advice and support, working with our Deaf and hard of hearing students and members of our Deaf community. I had much to learn. Also a great friend.

Thanks to all students and staff for such a fantastic and special ‘sendoff’ assembly on Friday-I was truly spoilt by the kind words and generous comments.  Big thanks to Renee, Candice, the SRC Executive, Adam, Christie and Deb who all had a huge part in marking Friday afternoon so enjoyable-I know lots of others assisted to make this celebration very special for me. My Friday night retirement celebration was also a great night-thank you all!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brighton and wish to thank all staff for making Brighton an even better school. Apart from the obvious facilities improvements, our gains in our student learning achievement have been excellent. Our results and improvements in our student writing, reading and numeracy are to be applauded and our high quality STEM programme is second to none. I think the foundation has well and truly been laid for even more gains and with the adoption of our whole school approach to everything, this is very likely to be realised. This whole school approach, coupled with continued PLT collaboration, is the key to continued success I believe.

Special thanks to our leadership team comprising Jan, Renee, Catharine, Christie, Vanessa and Deb who have lead the learning, to ensure the results I have spoken of, have been achieved. You have been a fabulous support for me at all times, some of which were very challenging and for that I am very grateful!

Forty six years is a long time to be involved in education and I know it is time to ‘sail off’. As I said on Friday, few people understand the challenges and complexities of working in a school, both as an ancillary staff member or as a teacher. The demands seem to be ever growing and I only hope that the joy of teaching remains with the Brighton staff as they  continue in their careers. I am sure it will-your school has a very bright future indeed!

I wish Jan, the leadership team and staff all the very best for term 4 and I hope Xmas arrives Covid free for us all.

Finally, all the very best to Rebecca Read , as she joins the school as your Principal for the next 5 years-I am sure will continue to make Brighton shine!

There will be many things that I will miss – our Brighton staff, many of whom have become friends, many , many parents, but in particular I will miss our students – particularly those five year olds! 




Farewell Brighton and good luck.  


  1. Wishing you a relaxing and fulfilling retirement Ian, which is much deserved after an impressive career. We thank you for your tireless effort and leadership to the BPS community. We will miss you. Kind regards, from the Ewens family.

  2. Wishing you the very best for your retirement Ian. Thank you for your continued dedication and great positivity right until the very end. Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated. You have left Brighton Primary School with such a great foundation, to further develop, grow and support all the teachers and students that attend. Enjoy your next chapter. Kind Regards the Natt Family.

    1. Many thanks Davin. I have had such a great time at Brighton-it certainly is a fantastic community and I feel very proud that as a school, we have certainly implemented some great changes to benefit all our students-both from the perspective of their learning and of course the facilities. I will certainly enjoy retirement!

  3. All the best, Ian, and thank you for helping to make our daughter’s Foundation year a success.

    I expect that Rocky will be delighted by your retirement!


    1. Thank you Penelope-I am pleased that your daughter has had a great start at a great school. I am sure Rocky will be delighted with the likelihood of more walks and more attention!
      Thank you.

  4. All the very best Ian in the next stage of your life. You deserve a very happy retirement. Brighton Primary, it’s students, teachers and families are in a much better position because of your hard work and dedication. A big thank you from the Froude family.

    1. Many thanks Simon-I sincerely appreciate your kind comments. I think Brighton is in a very good place to continue to shine and grow! Thanks for your great support as Chair of our GC-you were always student focused so we made a great team! Happy retirement here I come.

    1. Thank you very much Judy. Brighton PS is now set to soar I reckon, as we have all made some great progress over the past 4 years.

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