Writer’s Week/Book Week Assembly

The Writer’s Week/Book Week Assembly will be taking place tomorrow (Wednesday, 1st September) at 2.15pm.

Please chat to your child about a book character they may like to dress up as.  The theme this year is “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”.  It is not intended that families spend money on their dress-ups, rather it is creativity with what you have at home or can be borrowed.

As COVID-19 restrictions are still in place in South Australia, we will be live-streaming the assembly to families.  This link will go live at the time of the assembly at 2.15pm.

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13 thoughts on “Writer’s Week/Book Week Assembly

  1. What a fantastic day for the kids but I am bitterly disappointed that apart from the live stream there is NO opportunity for working parents to view the excitement of the day as has been provided for us on previous occasion.

    I am at a loss as to the explanation being given re “cyber safety”. The live stream was a public link that could be viewed by ANYONE with the link. Now we are being told that we cannot be given a video copy of the days events.

    There is already a system in place with SeeSaw for school activities to be shared with parents if this is no longer considered to be compliant with cyber safety protocols than I would suggest this be immediately discontinued.

  2. Well done to all students.
    It’s very disappointing that due to covid there are no spectators however we were informed it would be streamed so the community didn’t miss.
    It’s now been revealed that ‘in response to cyber safety concerns’ there will be no recording. This is very disappointing for working parents that are unable to see their child at all.
    I am seeking clarification as to what is meant by cyber safety concerns and what that means please?

    1. Hi Sheree
      I agree, it is disappointing that we could not have spectators at the Book Week celebration which is why we did our best to live stream it to the community. I am happy to clarify and explain the cyber safety concerns to you over the phone. Please call the school.
      Thank you.

      1. Thanks Christie, I will call you to do discuss. There are other parents with the same question awaiting an answer so I’ll advise they do the same thing.
        I would just like to understand the concerns and how they relate to only recorded material and not live streams or other online forums such as seesaw or the blog.
        I also have questions regarding other similar school events, such as sports day and Christmas concert, for the future.
        This would mean that those unable to watch live streams, when they take place, will be afforded the opportunity to observe whilst covid restrictions are in place. No one is questioning the need to keep our children and community safe however we don’t want to miss our children’s special events and school milestones either. It’s not just parents either but circumstances mean that some children can’t be present and like to watch their classmates and teachers if they can’t be there.

  3. It is very disappointing that the live link is not available. Not being able to enjoy our children’s special occasions in school is not fair to both child nor parent.

    1. Thank you for your patience.
      As I am sure you can all appreciate working with children and technology can be problematic and we do not claim to be cinematographers. We simply do our very best to bring our writers week celebrations to you. Whilst we did start late, we managed to live stream the entire event to the community including the parade to showcase the students’ wonderful costumes. Thank you to our parents for their efforts to make this day special for our students.

    1. Hi Audrey and Tracy
      Unfortunately the live stream will not be recorded in response to Cyber Safety concerns. The teachers will take lots of photos and post them on SeeSaw directly to parents.

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